If You Haven’t Seen Yodezeen’s Architecture, You Haven’t Seen Your Dream House Yet

The multi-award winning design & architect studio based in Kiev has been involved in some stunning projects in the last years. The team of high end designers and architects manage to outdo themselves over and over again.

They’re everywhere – on the cover of AD, in Elle Designer, L’Officiel, Home, Style Magazine, Arch, etc. It has been a long time since a particular design studio has received the spotlight and praise that the Ukraine-based Yodezeen are enjoying every day. 

The omni-present luxury collective serves an exclusive clientele of high profile professionals and public figures. 

With developments all over the world, their portfolio doesn’t only feature local projects such as the masterful interior design recently completed for the ReFuture Clinic in Kiev, where travertine floors and staircases meet polished steel, rocks and fully glass cabinets. The ability to constantly find the balance between natural textures and highly functional modern materials and design is almost a trademark. Whereas modern interior can often tend to look too clinical these days, Yodezeen know exactly how to bring a natural warmth into futuristic designs.

If you are more interested in residential architecture, we can online advise you to have a look at the examples of architectural work on the collective’s website. ‘Forest Houses’, integrating the trunks of real trees into the building’s structure, are another testament to the extraordinary work this group is able to perform.

And it is here, where we see the international specturm of the brand too. With houses in South Italy and the States, there is a display of the designs compatibility with many different surroundings. 

The ‘Dream House’ for example, surely captures the American Dream, with its view all over Los Angeles, whether you’re in the bedroom or the pool. 

Another masterful piece of work is the ‘Hillside House’ introducing unique materials and structure to make an enourmous luxury house seemingly merge into the nature it is surrounded by. The woodlands around Moscow make the perfect scenery for these type of architectural dreams, but the same type of designs could surely be pulled of in northern parts of Europe and America. 

With an international list of top clients, there is no such thing as limits for the designers and architects behind Yodezeen. A design studio, that knows how to expand the imagination of modern luxury. 

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