An exclusive interview with business prodigy Mervik Haums

Although doing business requires a certain competitive mindset, what is more important is to support fellow business owners in their entrepreneurial journey. One such entrepreneur who truly epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship is Mervik Haums. Here’s an exclusive interview with the man of honor.

Mervik Haums is an author, entrepreneur and the founder of Startup Fortune which he founded in 2018. It’s a global startup news platform that lets entrepreneurs from around the world to learn, share, connect and collaborate. Ask Mervik what’s the reason behind founding a company for the welfare of startups he says, “It’s been my passion to help startups and new entrepreneurs. Startup Fortune literally strives to turn their fortune around.”

Startup Fortune via guides and coaching helps startups and small businesses to improve their branding and boost their growth.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Mervik Haums is an ace author. He occasionally writes for the Entrepreneur Magazine, The Next Web,, SF and many other top news and media hubs. Mervik describes himself as a branding specialist and technology enthusiast.

A few months ago, Startup Fortune founder Mervik Haums launched a new branding platform for SMM entrepreneurs. And within a few weeks it caught on with the business community. This platform helps Middle-Eastern entrepreneurs and startup businesses to get their branding and marketing strategies on point. It collaborates with entrepreneurs and startup communities from the Middle East to support emerging companies in optimizing their brands. Mervin also helps companies to launch effective marketing campaigns and is a frequent speaker among top business people sharing his insights on various aspects of running a business successfully.

Many businesses in the Middle East vouch for Mervik and his reliable platform to easily bring their brands and messages to the attention of a wider online audience following increase in their conversion rates.

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