Chris Chong’s Journey of Pursuing His Passion and Making It to the Top

In the present day, everyone wants to accomplish their own goals and dreams. Finding the right path and making the sacrifices required to chase success is not easy, and few have managed to find true accomplishment by doing what they loved. One such entrepreneur is Chris Chong. Here, he discusses how he found and pursued his passion for cars and automobiles while raking in 7-figure numbers.

Chong is a leading entrepreneur in the e-commerce sector as the director of operations at Giti Online and vice president of 5IX7, an active lifestyle brand. He is also president of UNLTD Group with expert knowledge of social media marketing as well as digital media. He says, “An active social media presence can teach you a lot of things: time management, networking, and more! One of my jobs is to manage multiple million-dollar businesses and e-commerce stores online, retaining profitability.”

Miami-based Chong holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Florida. He is an active social media influencer as well, with thousands of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. Chong adds, “I try to make time for my hobbies as well, so I will often stream my gaming sessions live on Twitch. I am a Twitch partner and it has helped me in more than one way.” His Twitter profile as a content creator has over 43,000 followers, where he regularly shares his experiences, impressions of the latest updates, and hobbies.

His success online might be unconventional for some, but in the digital age, social media can pave the way to success. In only the last decade or so, content creation has gone from being a hobby to a full-time career and even a side hustle for many. When reflecting on his journey, Chong is convinced that the community he built on the internet helped him gain traction in the industry.

Chong shares, “I’ve always had a knack for learning online trading. Buying and selling goods, learning the art of management—it’s always fascinated me.” He takes pride in having learned the business from the ground up and using his own experiences as lessons for life. Today, his success is inspiring to all who want to live a life on their own terms, do what they love, pursue their hobbies, and create their own livelihood.

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