How Abhishek Agrawal Overcame Impossible Odds to Become Successful

Entrepreneur Abhishek Agrawal is an individual who ticks many boxes and wears many hats. He is a top model, a talented photographer, an influencer, a footballer, a renowned advocate of healthy living, and a shrewd businessman.

You may wonder how someone who is only 22 years old can maintain such an impressive juggling act. Yet, ask the man who grew up in Raigarh, India, the secret to his success and he’ll tell you it’s simply a case of balance.

“Everything in life must conform to the laws of balance or you’ll end up with problems,” explained Abhishek, who added, “A balanced diet is a prime example of this, but so, too, is having a perfect balance between the mind/body duality. Physical exercise must be complemented by intellectual stimulation and vice versa. Too many people believe they’re either a gym rat or a bookworm, but I believe you can be both. Focusing on developing both your body and mind is key to a successful life.”

As someone who boasts an impressive physique, models for a living, plays a lot of sport, and works out daily, others are quick to make snap judgments about Abhishek, but beneath that chiseled exterior there lies a keen intellect, an astute business sense, and fierce talent for photography.

Abhishek said, “The fact that I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and a master’s in business management from London’s University of Westminster surprises a lot of people who have preconceived misconceptions about me. Just because I’m a model doesn’t mean I haven’t got a brain!”

As someone who admits he gets a buzz from proving people wrong, Abhishek also delights in surprising people just how talented he is behind the lens as well as in front of it.

“I love photography and appreciate it as an art-form,” revealed Abhishek. “I think my passion and knowledge of the medium informs my modeling career. I’m forever having debates with photographers on photo shoots about what lens they are using, what angles they think are best, or what sort of lighting would work well. It kind of surprises them but they appreciate my interest.”

As an influencer, Abhishek is keen to help as many other people as possible learn about leading a balanced life and explained, “Through social media, I encourage others to think about nutrition, to think about exercise, to think about reading books, and learning for the sake of learning. It’s all about developing yourself as a fully-rounded human-being because when mind, body, and soul are in perfect harmony anything is possible and success will surely come your way.”

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