How Wally Sajimi’s Endorsify landed him on the Forbes 30 under 30 list

Turning thirty is an important milestone that brings an end to our twenties and plants us firmly within the realm of adulthood. It can be an inspiring milestone for some, acting as a catalyst for them to travel to far-flung places or start a new career. For others, it trundles by like every other birthday and has little effect on them. But some people have already found the kind of success that many people may never know and they have done it before their thirtieth birthday. Wally Sajimi is one of these people, his entrepreneurial endeavors earned him a spot on the Forbes thirty under thirty list for 2021. 

Sajimi was honored on the prestigious Forbes list due to his achievement of having cofounded Endorsify, an innovative marketplace for brands and creators. Endorisfy was notable from its inception for being one of the first places where brands can price influencer user-generated content on social media platforms. In hindsight, it’s clear that Endorsify was a creative jumping-off point for Sajimi as his next project, Nietzsche Labs, has been growing fast. Nietzsche Labs is best described as a technology development shop that creates apps, websites, designs, forums, and more. It has gained acclaim as a bunch of young creatives brainstorming on new ideas in a think tank. Sajimi expresses that Nietzsche Labs was created for the creators, those with a vision that needed support and backing to bring their idea to life. Sajimi expands on this by saying, “I usually try to find creative curious people who I think make amazing content or art in whatever industry they’re in. I don’t care if you’re a high school dropout or a first year designer.” Sajimi remains humble about his thirty under thirty accolade from Forbes, sharing that he is just glad that Endorisfy provided value for both brands and creators. 

Before nurturing the ideas of creative minds with Nietzsche Labs, Wally Sajimi worked at Salesforce and United Bank of Switzerland, putting in his hours in a steady nine to five position. Sajimi credits this stagnant period of his career as being the perfect chrysalis in which to conceptualize the many creative projects that he wanted to explore. 2016 was the year that saw Sajimi put his creative ideas on the line when he founded Endorsify with cofounder Sun Lee. Endorsify gained more than a thousand clients like Target, Red Bull, Hamilton Watch price influencer user generated content across all social media channels.  Some people will be happy to just celebrate another birthday when they turn thirty, but some will reach the milestones and accolades that were spoken into existence.

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