Surrounding Himself with Industry Leaders Is Kamil Misztal’s Secret to Success

In business as in life, things only get accomplished as part of a team effort. No matter how talented the individual or how exceptional their performance, if they are not surrounded by the right people their star will not shine half as bright as it can when enhanced by the strength and expertise of others.

No one person is an island, and behind every successful individual, there is a team of experts, mentors, and successful leaders who have helped define them as entrepreneurs. Kamil Misztal is one such businesswoman who realized at a young age there was no ‘I’ in ‘team’ and that the work of many hands is far greater than the work of one person’s.

“Being a self-made millionaire and accomplished entrepreneur means the world to me,” explained Kamil, who added, “But I didn’t walk every mile of that journey alone. No matter the project I was working on, I ensured I surrounded myself with people who were particularly knowledgeable and experienced in that field. People who have already walked the walk you are currently on have so many insights and tips to offer, you’d be a fool not to tap into such a valuable resource.”

As someone who relishes a new challenge, Kamil has turned her hand from everything to running a trucking fleet, launching a THC/CBD brand, running an exotic car rental company, and making a small fortune in bitcoin. Before embarking on each new endeavor she sought out the advice and skill of others to ensure her success.

Kamil revealed, “Ambition, resilience, and a strong work ethic will serve you well in the world of business, but you must also know what you’re doing. Seek out individuals who are experts in specific niches and ask for their advice and consultation. In my experience most people are more than happy to give you the benefit of their wisdom, so don’t be afraid to ask. Pride comes before a fall and you cannot afford to be egotistical when you are first starting and learning the ropes. Having a good mentor to warn you when you’re in danger of making a mistake or about to make a rash decision you’ll later regret can make all the difference when you’re walking the tightrope between failure and success.”

Although she’s quick to stress that you should never expect others to succeed on your behalf, Kamil warns, “It’s tough out there and no-one can really survive without having some sort of back-up or team in place. We all have something different to offer and it’s only when we combine talents that we can truly fire on all cylinders.”

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