A new online marketplace is taking over: Lootie

A brand new online marketplace has jumped onto the scene, and it has swept competitors away with its brilliant. COVID has been a complication for the normal shopping experience that most people are used to — you can’t simply stroll into a market or a mall and find something you like on the shelves. You’re forced to don a face mask — which, although necessary, can be annoying. It’s a lot easier to shop in true comfort, but the selection just isn’t pleasing enough anymore. The brick and mortar shopping experience comes with too much restricted freedom. If we force ourselves into the existing online marketplaces, we can’t be surprised by new stores or new things on the shelves like we used to be.

The new marketplace is called Lootie, and it’s growing at a crazy rate, with over 1 million customers. It’s currently poised to become one of the leading platforms in the streetwear space. Hypebeast and fashion clothing industries have remained stagnant and ancient for far too long — finally, a player has come into the space to shake up the market & make it actually fun again. Now, rare and coveted Hypebeast clothes have finally become affordable for everyone. The days where people couldn’t afford the clothes/shoes they wanted due to financial difficulties are gone. Lootie’s business model involves the mystery box — it packs thrill back into the shopping experience. Consumers purchase a box, but before opening it, they have no idea what’s inside it. There are a variety of boxes to choose from, from Off White boxes to Apple boxes, or even something more general like a Gaming mystery box. Each box contains something random — it can be a normal item that you expected, or it could be something totally rare/expensive!

Sadly, the online shopping experience in the traditional sense has become tedious, boring, and even stressful for some. Most people have a hard time choosing what to eat for breakfast from a diner — so when you face them with the choice of what sort of phone or headphones to get, they freeze over, and start to overanalyze. At this point, most people will probably start obsessively researching into the various possible alternatives. Lootie instead takes the tough decision out of the equation — all you have to do is choose the general brand/category, and the choice of the exact product you get is left up to Lootie! No more research, no more stress. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the special surprise after the unboxing

Other than technology offerings like Apple, Lootie is great for things like Yeezy box. There’s a reason why Lootie is becoming super popular with the streetwear and fashion community. It’s because Lootie’s mystery box product offerings come from 100% authentic sources — no sketchy third-party shops like you’re used to, and no fretting over fake goods. Remember — if you ever receive anything that’s defective or with missing parts, Lootie has a guarantee that covers you completely and gives you all of your money back. In any case, it likely won’t be necessary, since Lootie gets all of their products from the original manufacturer, or from a high quality authentication service like StockX.

Lootie is excellent, and at this point it’s obvious why it’s taking over the online eCommerce streetwear industry. The thrill and excitement that everyone is missing is being brought to their screens at the comfort of their sofas. There’s an added benefit to Lootie that many people don’t realize — it’s great for the streetwear and fashion business. You see, Lootie has a thriving tech side — with popular boxes including Apple box and PC box. People often win laptops, phones, and other gadgets. These people may not necessarily be interested in streetwear or fashion merchandise at all. However, when they go on Lootie and unbox tech/gadget boxes, they will inevitably also see the fashion boxes that are right next to them on the box collection page. They’ll probably dip their toes in with some small boxes, and eventually, after getting some fashion merch that they like, they’ll likely start to buy more streetwear due to their rising interest. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many stores and brands are facing declining volume, but Lootie bringing so many new eyes to various streetwear brands helps reduce this problem. Instead, thousands of new customers get filtered into the streetwear world, which helps grow the market and the economy as a whole!

It’s amazing how Lootie is so beneficial for all parties involved. The stores from which Lootie receives goods benefit from the increased purchase volume, and consumers benefit from not only a fun experience but also a new way to receive coveted & rare products at a much cheaper price. Shopping has finally been made fun again, and it’s clear why Lootie is taking over. Join today and become part of the takeover!

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