John Lawson’s success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Every aspiring entrepreneur knows the initial period of struggle all too well. The sleepless nights spent researching and learning about the ins and outs of the industry, the failures that come before success and everything else. It is immensely helpful if one can seek expert guidance early on and fast track through potential errors. One way to do that is through companies like ‘Johnk Agence’ that have strong successful figures behind them. Here, its founder John Kevin Lawson talks about his latest project and helping entrepreneurs.

Lawson is a sought after influence marketing strategist and branding specialist on social media platforms. With over 11,000 followers on his personal Instagram account, he collaborates with ambitious individuals on various projects, shares glimpses of his businesses and more. “I believe profits are created when you upskill personally. You sell more than a product/service, you sell your time and the lessons you learnt after years of hard work.”

Lawson is also the founder of Digital Event, a company dealing with high-profile event organization, event coordination and marketing strategies. His more recent project Johnk Agence is an initiative he took with the mission to provide young entrepreneurs with the skills needed to succeed in their ventures.

He adds, “Being the founder of a business enterprise is an incredible adventure. Besides fulfilling personal and professional goals, you gain knowledge, provide products/services to help improve other people’s lives and generate employment opportunities.” Lawson has also founded ‘PDE AFRQUE’, a step toward uplifting entrepreneurs in Africa and giving them all the opportunities and aid required to succeed.

Consultations, tried-and-tested formulae and coaching are all part of the services Lawson provides to his students through the agency. He believes that with the right tools, even the highest ambitions can come to life.

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